Dating remington 1100 serial numbers

Remington 1100 lt 20 dating by serial number discussion in 'uncategorized threads' started by g7777777, oct 6, 2007. Look up a remington serial number by using remington serial number lookup this service uses the two-letter codes stamped on the barrel of remington rifles and shotguns to determine the age of the firearm. Reciever ser number on remington model 1100 registered users do not see the above ad hello, i am looking at a remington model 1100 shotgun with a serial numbeon the reciever n291023v any information out there that anyone can give me on this information. The remington model 1100 has been a field-proved favorite ever since its superb balance, handling, durability and soft recoil from the gas-operated action are the foundation of the remington autoloading legacy more than 40 years ago, the model 1100 forever changed the way american shooters viewed autoloading shotguns it was the first.

The receiver has the serial 491v, i understand v to mean 12 gauge there aren't any prefix codes to the serial the barrel has the code afki or afk1, i'm unsure as the stamping is messy. You can call remington at 1-800-243-9700 and go thru the menu selection one of the menu options is to request information on your remington based off the serial number. Remington model 11-48 serial number lookup: remington firearms manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the barrel near the frame that identifies the year and month of manufacture. Right now, the date of manufacture lookup page is confusingly worded, referring to the gun’s serial number instead of the barrel’s date stamp it’s titled “remington serial number lookup”, and that term is used throughout rest of the page as well.

Remington 1100 manufacture date if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above you may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Remington model 10 serial number 115981 what year was it probably manufactured it seems there are couple different models to remington model 10, there is a smooth bore, and a ss (single shot. How can i look up the date of manufacture my the serial number on a 1100 s receiver i have seen al over the web the barrel codes but as we all know barrel are swapped like baseball cards.

Remington 1100 date of manufacture discussion in 'shotguns' started by mothernatureson, apr 19, 2017. About the serial number i cannot find information's i would like to know the year of manufacture of my remington 1100, someone can help me also i would to like if there are different kit of piston ring and seal through the years of the remington 1100 12 ga 2 3/4 chamber. In 1911 the end serial number was 104041, in 1912 the end serial number was 166538 from john & roys remington rimfire book. Serial number is n65xxxxv it's a 12ga, full fixed choke 2 3/4 and there is a code on the left side of the barrel by the receiver that is either fb or eb and then the number 89 thanks for the help. Beginning in 1968, remington 1100 serial numbers started carrying the letter 'l' prefix this is not secret info, it's been around for years as a matter of interest, i have never seen a letter from remington, on letterhead stationary, that was wrong on the date, except where they told me they had no records of 4 or 5 digit serial numbered 1100s having been sold to the general public.

The correct serial number for the 28 ga is l122025j information above was added on 9/26/2018 10:12:18 am offered for sale here is a beautiful, consecutive numbered set of remington 1100’s sd models in 12 ga sn l122023v, 20 ga sn l122024v, 28 ga sn l122026h and 410 ga sn l122026h. 41-01845: remington firearms serial numbers decoding the serial remington model serial number chart number oliver remington imperial franklin american typewriter 5 repro letterheads yes, it will work with remington 700 or any remington shotgun or main home page main site home page item # r2229 semi-auto, model 1100 & variations gun model. A clean model 11 remington 12 ga auto loader with a sn 3201, and a super clean bore on the 30 barrel, choked at im exterior metal for sale by john s burda on gunsamerica - 978357404. Remington 1100 serial number dating 08-may-2017 23:34 () on 8/9/99, stopped stamping the barrels with the date code they continued to mark the date code on the end flap of the shipping box.

Dating remington 1100 serial numbers

Markings on a remington 1100 for those of you that have a 12 gauge remington model 1100, specifically the magnum version that can handle 3 shells, does the serial number on the receiver end with a m or a v. If your firearm does have a serial number, if you will call or email us the serial number and model number we can determine the approximate age of your firearm contact remington through their help center by e-mail at [email protected] or call their historian at 1-800-243-9700 mon-fri 9-5 est. The model 1100 featuring the model 1100 competition its superb balance, handling, durability and soft recoil from the gas-operated action are the foundation of the remington autoloading legacy. Remington (wwwremingtoncom) customer service (1-800-243-9700 & follow the prompts) will look up your serial number and verify the age of your firearm they are very helpful and courteous they are very helpful and courteous.

  • Anyone know the manufacture date of a remington 1100 with a n565xxxv serial number thanks in advance for your response colt checked blue book of gun value and gave guns starting with n serial no produced in 1966 but repeated the n letter for 1993 production might be easy to determine by condition of gun as to which year it was made.
  • Remington 700, 870 or 1100 serial/barrel number lookup will work with remington 700, 870 or any other remington shotgun or rifle it will show you date of manufacture of your firearm it is very easy to use, it uses information from the remington company.

Modern remington barrels are stamped with a date/code, which denotes when it was made remington year of manufacture codes maybe found on the barrel of your remington shotgun, on the left side, just forward of the receiver the first letter of the code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture. The guns had a simple serial code system, which started with 001 and went to 275,600 the serial number on all guns made was preceded by the letter u according to the remington society of america barrel date codes were used starting in 1921 this means that only later guns would have a date, specifically in the last 8 years of production. You can also call remington 1-800-243-9700 and follow the phone prompts, this will allow you to talk with a live person who will access their data base for serial numbers to tell you the year your. I have a remington 1100 16ga i am trying to figure out the date of manufacture on i am aware of the date code stamped on the left side of the barrel close to the receiver the thing is, it doesn't look like the date code on any other of my remingtons it looks almost like it was a mis strike or something.

Dating remington 1100 serial numbers
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